A Blog’s Value: What Makes a Blog Worth More

By +Chris Benedict Valencia 

We often hear that a blog is a virtual real estate but what does that really mean? Just like a piece of property, a blog increases in value over time. If you look around the internet, you may be wondering why people like me, spend so much time blogging. Aside from the fact that it is very addictive to watch the blog’s traffic reports, professional bloggers also aim to increase a blog’s value for future monetary rewards.

How to measure a blog’s value?

There are many factors that add up to determine a blog’s value. People don’t often agree when a deal to purchase a blog is underway. That’s because every person has his or her own way of measuring the value of a blog. Here are a few factors that are universally accepted to influence a blog’s value in dollars:

Domain Name

The domain name market is an economy in itself. General and keyword rich domain names had sold for millions of dollars in the past. Not everyone however, had the insight to reserve all the great sounding domain names when they were only worth a couple of dollars. Today’s beginner bloggers try to find a gem of a keyword left in obscurity in the DN auction websites to develop into a competitive domain name in the domain name market.

Daily Unique Traffic

A blog’s daily unique traffic is also a great indication of its health and value. Unique traffic reflects new traffic as well as returning visitors but the important thing is they are all counted as one unique visit per ip address (contrary to pageviews). These are the number of people that really passed by your blog. Increasing this is more important than metrics that can be fraud like number of backlinks which are usually the ones focused on by bloggers.

A solid marketing plan is the biggest booster of increasing unique visits. There is a misconception that there is one great way to increase your traffic but the truth is, increasing your naturally obtained traffic depends on SEO and marketing habits that add up to increase the number of people that know about and choose to visit your website. All the hard work and sleepless nights making content are all for naught if you don’t get visitors. To know your blog’s daily unique visitors, make an account in google analytics and check once in a while.

Warning:  Checking you traffic reports may become addictive especially if you are seeing progress.

Page rank

The page rank system may have been sidelined by the recent algorithm updates of google but it is not completely out of the picture. Getting high page rank for the domain name of your blog increases the domain name’s and ultimately, the blog’s value. You can get ahead the page rank game by purchasing a domain name with an already established page rank but if you already bought a domain name with 0 page rank, your best bet is to continue with your blog, get or create backlinks consistently and regularly, and let time do its thing. You will eventually get a pagerank value.

The blog’s monthly earnings

One of the factors that significantly come into play when measuring the value of a blog is its monthly earnings. Most buyers only buy blogs that already have a steady stream of income. Some blog sellers don’t sell their blog unless the offer is two to three times the annual earnings of the blog but there are others who sell for the value equivalent to only one year’s earnings.

The people writing in the blog

A new blog with a popular blogger writing on it will get more traffic, instant and natural back links, which will translate to higher page rank and better conversion values, than an older blog by a first time blogger. This is because every successful blogger has created a following that is as valuable as the thousands of backlinks in a blog. The activity of popular bloggers in their blogs is a marketing strategy in itself. If the public knows that a particular blogger is no longer with his or her blog because of the selling of a blog or some other reasons, the traffic will surely decrease and the number of likes, +1’s, retweets and backlinks will follow.


A blog’s true value is only as good as the best offer of a willing buyer or the accumulation of checks that arrive every month from the monetization processes in a blog. There is however, another value that exists only for the creator of the blog and the people that worked extended hours to make it what it is today. This is the value that prevents the blogger from selling his or her blog despite the great offers for the blog.  Only the blogger will know about that additional value of his or her blog; his or her creation.

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