Woot.com Review: Great Deals, Awful Customer Service

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What is woot?

Woot is a website where you can get great deals. The most popular feature in woot is the “today’s woot” which is a great deal that begins from midnight to midnight or until they run out of stocks. This means that you need to check every day so that you will not miss any great deals. They are a subsidiary of Amazon.com so they get to have a little bit of Amazon’s great online reputation.

How great are the deals?

The deals are really exceptional. No question about it. You can easily get more than 50% off an item you want. They sell everything from computer monitors to golf clubs. You could save a lot of money if one of the items in your shopping list shows up in today’s woot.

The standard shipping fee for woot is $5 which, as of the writing of this article, is an all you can ship package where all the things you bought for one day can be shipped without paying anymore fees. At this point they can’t ship to people outside of the US. Not even to the neighboring countries Canada and Mexico.

There has to something wrong with them?

Well, there is. They don’t really go for total customer satisfaction as you may read in their “about woot” page. They don’t have a telephone number you can call. This is a big issue considering that they only cater to customers with US delivery addresses.

Another common complaint about them is the cancellation of order which happens without notification for the buyer. If you were expecting the package and it didn’t arrive, you should contact their e-mail support as soon as possible (because they don’t have telephone based CSR).  Chances are your order/orders were cancelled and you were never informed.

With all these problems, don’t expect the best customer service and read the website’s about page and understand the terms and conditions before running after your favorite woot items.


Visit the site daily
If you want to get great discounted items in woot, you should take your time every day to visit the website. “One day, one deal” means that if you miss to visit the site for one day you may miss an item you love.

Visit early in the day
The “Today’s woot” changes at 12 midnight central time so you should make sure to visit the site as early as you can incase the great items offered gets sold out early.

Maximize your purchases
If you find something very valuable and the discount is great, order a maximum of three of the same item. You can sell the extra products to your friends and make a profit.

Don’t consider a deal finished until the item is in your hands
Never think you made a great deal just because the confirmation email arrived. The number of complaints for the website suggests that the deal can be cancelled without you being notified. Be ready to complain with every purchase and consider the possibility of every deal being cancelled to avoid disappointments. If you bought something as a gift, you should have a backup plan in case the deal is cancelled.


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