90-day posting challenge: Day 30 Update

This challenge was very difficult in the beginning but now that the habit is formed, blogging has become a part of my routine. It is still a bit challenging at times when all the little tasks in life decides to have the same deadlines but nothing can’t be managed with proper time management.

This is the 30th day of my 90 day challenge and there has been a significant improvement in my alexa ranking.

In my 1st post about the challenge, which was 6 days into the challenge, my alexa ranking was 6,042,962

At day 14, it improved to 2,202,424.

Today, my ranking has improved to 1,411,095.

I am currently ranked 12,539 in the Philippines.

Technorati has been less generous. My current rankings are:

Technorati Rank: 14,551 
Business Ranking: 694 
Small Business Ranking: 289

As of the moment, I think the reason why my technorati rankings have been fluctuating in the past few weeks is because my content aren’t consistently about business. Some are about online shopping, others are about business blogging, and others online writing and freelancing jobs.  

Because technorati actually have sent some traffic my way, I will try to find ways to improve in this area. It is safe to say at this point that blogging daily alone will do little help to improve you technorati rankings.

Blogging daily has a lot of advantages. People who just found out about your blog might return soon and be delighted to find new content. They have more stuff to comment on and more stuff to recommend to your friends.

Another advantage of this daily blogging challenge is the fact that I am increasing the number of the collection of content in my blog. As the number of blog posts increases, so does the people who come in through different keywords. I have not done any major keyword research but I am finding some interesting keywords that people use to come into my website.

One last advantage that I find interesting with blogging daily is I have something new to share to my social media accounts every day. I big chunk of this website’s traffic comes from my social media accounts so having something new to share everyday allows me to do some advertising without being marked as a spam.

After 30 days of continuous blogging, my Alexa ranking has significantly improved so has my traffic count. Because of the pressure of finding new stuff to post about, I have also learned a lot form this experience. I now know where to find inspiration for my posts and I have learned the value of high quality posts.

The first thirty days of this challenge alone have improved my blog significantly. I am very excited for the next 60 days.

Stay tuned for more!


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