Greedy News: The Netbook is dead? Not quite

Ever since Dell announced that it will not be continuing its production of netbooks content writers, bloggers, and techies were just waiting for another big name to follow in Dell’s footsteps to have an opportunity to say the Netbook is dead.

Apparently, stating something is dead online is an instant SEO magic.

Well, all these content publishers got their Christmas presents just after the New Year when Acer and Asus announced their own cease of production of their versions of netbooks.

For one, ending the production of the only piece of computer that students of emerging countries can afford does not call for a celebration.

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Second, netbooks will never die. There are many other manufacturers that still produce netbooks. Who wants to carry around a 14” notebook all day in school or in the field? No one!

For Dell, Acer and Asus, they are just trying to cut down cost to channel their resources to compete with the ipad, and iphones and all the overpriced pieces of hardware that apple is feeding their consumers.

And for those who are saying that the ipad killed the netbook? Are you out of your mind? Let me see you type a decent 1000 word article on an ipad? People just need keyboards; real keyboards you can punch harder when you are in a heated online argument with Justine Bieber fans.

And don’t get me started with the Windows 8 hybrid. Nothing named “Hybrid” ever lasts long in the market. It just doesn’t look right. Imagine not being able to type fast because you left your keyboard at home. And that weird piece of device doesn’t look tough at all. I don’t think any overpriced Windows 8 Hybrid can last one day in the streets of Manila.

The verdict:

Netbooks are still around us. If you still need one there will be cheap laptop alternatives available in the market even if manufacturers will no longer call them netbooks. Funny huh?

Remember: laptops killed the PC, but the truth is PC’s just got better ever since. And only one thing better than something dead…

Something coming back from the dead.

Watch out for the return of the new and improved netbook, but no way will they be called netbooks.
Something like Zombie netbooks or zombooks.

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