Mailchimp Review: The Best Email Service for Beginner Email Marketers

As stated in my one of my previous posts, I made a challenge to myself to make a digital product and sell it cheap to increase the number of people who are capable of purchasing in my email list. I researched on the topic of emails listings and I decided to try to automate my email campaigns using
So far the experience with has been a pleasant one. I have successfully imported the emails that were subscribed to me and I have also successfully created a landing page easily.
The interface is very user friendly and integrating the capture and landing page to my blogger blog is really easy.

  • The reasons I decided to use mailchimp are:
  • They are recommended by a lot of online reviews to beginner
  • They have a free account for up to 2000 subscribers
  • I have no need for the other packages offered by Aweber and constant contact

When I did register for mail chimp, the initial experience was fun.  Everything was easy to find and there are guide videos to tell you how everything works. Almost all the features that they offer are allowed in the free account.
There are some features however that will not be included in the free account such as:

Time Warp

                With time warp you can make mailchimp send your email campaigns at time you prefer. If your campaigns are more successful if they are sent in the morning of weekdays for example, you can use this feature to automate the process.

Delivery Doctor

                 The delivery doctor is mailchimp’s way of automating the checking of campaign if they really reach your subscriber’s inbox. Without delivery doctor, you can do this manually but it’s faster done when automated.

Social Pro

                In my point of view the most relevant feature that free users are missing out on is the social pro feature which gives you an insight of what social networking website your subscribers hang out in, gives you a report on their basic publicly available information, and statistics on sex, age and ocupation. This can make it easier for you to send targeted messages to your subscribers.

I have read a few pros and cons before I signed up for mailchimp. Here are a few of them and how I find the cons so far.

The presence of their brand signature in my emails
                That’s a bummer, but considering that most of my emails so far are about feeds, it doesn’t bother me that much. The danger here is that if you have a call to action in your email, the presence of their brand link may divert some of your traffic to their own website.
                So far I haven’t sent any call to action emails via email chimp and if you are like me who only sends emails once a day, which are mostly about helpful information and seldom talks about buying something, mailchimp is a great place to begin.

Lack of options in templates
                This is also another bummer. For now it’s great because everything is easy to do but I’m wondering about how this may affect my future plans. Because there are no signs that mailchimp will let us use self designed templates, I have no choice but to live with what they have.

No real time data in reports
                Just like in the other cons, it is in mailchimp’s discretion to improve in this area of their service. A little waiting doesn’t really bother me but if it does bother you, mailchimp may not be for you. Watching real time updates is like watching paint dry, anyway.      

My decision for this service is to stick with mailchimp for this particular blog for a while. Since changing isn’t really an option right now, I will decide to become a paying member if the need arises for it.


  1. Mailchimp are a bunch of non professional amateurs if you ask me. I've been with them for months, paid £100's and now I found out that all the autoresponders I did setup up during this time, never worked, missing on literally 100's of leads worth £10,000's because of the google analytic code they said, furthermore, on the latest version 8, they changed a fundamental feature without prior notice: we are working with account managers that needs to see their clients responses, one by one; now the open and unopened report link have been disabled for good so the share reports do not shown any more email by email who opened and who clicked, also the paragraphs have disappeared [a bug]. In all circumstances nothing but "there is not a ETA for this, ETA for that.." a complete shamble!
    And if you are reading this, Mr Mailchimp, your reply in response to this is not welcome, unless you are willing to indemnify £20,000 in lost contracts, and don't even start with the software is provided as is, because that only means it is totally unreliable as it has been demonstrated. Good luck with that!



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