My PLDT My DSL Experience: A Customer Service Review

I’ve asked around about which internet service provider is the best in the Philippines and most people answer PLDT my DSL. It was an easy decision to make, when I was researching about which company to go to for our internet needs in our home in Oton, Iloilo.

Their ad about their 1mbps package goes like this:

After deciding which company to use, the logical thing is to call them up for clarifications about their packages right?
Well apparently, the Iloilo branch of the PLDT, which stands for Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company, wants nothing to do with callers because their line kept on ringing but nobody answered. When asked later about the said contact problem they said their telephone line is broken.


PLDT, which stands for Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company, has a broken telephone line.

PLDT, the company whose services I want to use in the future, can’t even fix their own telephone line.

PLDT, a company who have been up sold to me a number of times, has an employee who is possibly lying to me about their telephone line.

Strike 1 PLDT! 

My next step was to call their national customer support team which was a pleasant experience. I talked to a girl named Joy and I asked her about the ad you see above. All I needed to know were two things:

  • Are there available lines in my area for DSL connection (The availability of lines was the reason why we never had a chance to have landline in the past)?
  • What are the total payments in the first months and the succeeding months and how long will the commitment be?

Pretty simple right?

In the first inquiry, the CSR, Joy asked me for a PLDT landline telephone number which was from a home near ours and I complied. She said that there were available lines.

Great job Joy!

Joy, failed to give me a clear answer on the second question. She was telling me about some line rental fee that wasn’t stated in the ad so I had to find a person who can answer me directly about how much I needed to pay every month. 

My next step was to ask someone I knew who worked in the place. Iloilo isn’t really a big place so you’re bound to find someone you know working on well known establishments. A good friend of my mom scheduled us an appointment for the person in charge for these concerns.

In the meeting in their Iloilo office, the company representative contradicted what Joy told me that there were available lines in our area without even checking if there were indeed.

I don’t know about you but I think contradictions between people from the same companies are a big NO NO.

Strike 2 PLDT!

Because of the unavailability of lines, we were forwarded to another person who was trying to sell us the idea of applying for a SMART broadband connection instead.


I’m aware that Philippine Telecommunication companies or TELCO’s have been buying off competitions in the past year but I never thought that cheap sales moves in regional offices like the one above will be the result of PLDT taking over SMART. Is this their company protocol?

Strike 3! You’re out!

That’s like going to a Big University with a prestigious name to apply as a student and the university answers you that they have no more slots available and directs you to a small college they are affiliated with, set up only a couple of years before. 

I detested the PLDT office in Iloilo City cheap salesmanship moves because of the following reasons:
  • Smart wireless broadband is not the same as PLDT my DSL
  • The person we were directed to had her name on the back of the brochure given to me(which usually means they are receiving commissions for sign ups)
  • Hard selling on the part of the sales person (Saying sign up now because our boss will be away for a while and it may take a while before he or she comes back)
  • The contradiction between the two statements about the availability of the lines

If their customer service sucks before we even had any commitment with them, what more can I expect when I am bound by their contract for two years?

With that I closed the doors to PLDT. Good riddance.

And just a word of advice, please overhaul your regional customer service. We have the internet now. People can talk about how you treated them.

Afterwards, PLDT texted to apply for the My DSL plan anyway, because there might be some closed lines that will soon be available.  Why wasn’t this option presented to me while I was in their office?

Sorry PLDT Iloilo you struck out. I’m willing to risk my hard earned money to a 1 year bond with Globe DSL because your customer service sucked.


  1. hello,
    thanks for your experience.
    is the globe dsl connection stable ?
    can is hte result of ?

  2. Hi. I am from tandang sora, quezon city, manila. And, would like to share our experience with pldt dsl. Mabuti k nga u were not able to avail of their services and have to stick with them for 2years (contract lock-in period). We subscribed to pldt dsl last 2009 and the internet was so slow. After a year we decided to upgrade to a higher mbps akala namin mura plan kya slow. It aggravated our problem kc nawawalan kmi internet frm time to time and halos everyday ngpppunta kmi technician. Buti n lng may technician n dumating n may concern and has a conscience. He told us that our dsl line comes from east avenue quezon city which is very far from our place and the cable being used frm east avenue is so small. He compared it with a small hose n kht ganu p kdmi ibuhos n water the same amount lng mkkpasok at mkkflow. In short, our place is not covered by their dsl services and dpt they rejected our application to avail of their dsl services and should have been honest to us. Hay pera pera lng tlga. Kaya wen our contract expired pinastop n namin pldt dsl namin. But, the 24 months with pldt dsl was a lot of money wasted, hassle, and stress.

    1. Naku dapat po mag file kayo ng formal complaint. Kasalanan nila yan. Bakit nila kayo kinabitan kung hindi pala covered ang area nyo. Pwede nyo po yan ireklamo sa NTC. Sa website po ng NTC may form kayo na fill-up para sa reklamo. Mabilis po ang reply nila. Nag reklamo din ako sa mga scam text na natatanggap ko.

  3. I got the PLDT mydsl 1mbps n download speed is 100kbps only. Cant even watch youtube. The speed was high until i paid my balance for modem!!! And they called me to ask if i wud like to upgrade a few times. Amazingly a few days near to that the speed was high too... But now it sucks...



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