The 90-Day Posting Challenge

By +Chris Benedict Valencia

I began this informational blog with the intent to get a hang of professional blogging. The amount of information online about blogging is overwhelming if you plan to read them all so I limit my experiments on the strategies that work to one at a time.

When I first stumbled upon professional blogging back in 2008 in the book of +Darren Rowse and +Chris Garrett; Problogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six Figure Income, I learned that if I want to be successful in online blogging, I need to post regularly for readers and subscribers to know that the blog is active and there's something new.

This is my second attempt at blogging and when I started this blog back in November 2012, I read the personal account of a blogger; +Brian Cain, who is aiming to post quality content daily for 90 days straight because it improved his Alexa ranking. His success made me want to do the same.

I plan to copy his success by using his strategy: A 90-day Posting Challenge. As of today: January 5, 2013, I have been posting for 6 consecutive days. I had 1 day breaks in the holiday season making my previous streaks irrelevant.

As of the writing of this post, 

the alexa ranking of is 6,042,962 

I could have sworn that was above 7M yesterday.

My technorati authority and ranking suffered a bit when I placed Nuffnang ads on my blog( I just assumed that’s the reason). I’m hoping that my technorati ranking will continue to improve as I continue with this experiment.
As of Jan. 5, 2013 

My technorati rank is: 14,695

This blog is ranked under business and small business so here are the present rankings of under those categories:

Business ranking: 599
Small business ranking: 237

The Promise

My objective is to post everyday for 90 days just like what +Brian Cain did to his personal authority blog. 

Day counting begins today at 6 days.

To maintain the integrity of my blog, I will only post about the three topics I have been posting about so far; online shopping websites, online job hunting, and online businesses for Filipinos.

I will be posting an update about the progress of this project every week so bookmark and watch out for updates and be the first to read about Filipino Online Professional trends.

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