Top 3 Places to Sell your Stuff Online If You are Based in the Philippines

By +Chris Benedict Valencia

The trash to cash possibility online always makes people want to gather all the stuff lying around the house and make a quick buck. Pinoys all around the country are beginning to see social media networks as a place where they could sell their stuff.

Social networking websites however, are not the most popular places to sell your stuff if you are in the Philippines. Here are the top 3 places to sell your stuff online:

                You can sell anything on and the best part about it is it is exclusively for Filipinos. If you look around the website, you will realize that you can find all kinds of stuff in there. Compared to other ad listing websites, is not as strict in the stuff you can sell. They allow all kinds of stuff, from real estate to MLM herbal products.

       is a great for you if you want to deal with local customers because they have high positions in selected keywords. They also have high click through percentage or the rate of the number of people who clicked on your ads when they found it in the search results.

       also has their own rating system to give credit to buyers and seller who give extra effort to make a transaction smooth. If you want international buyers to see your merchandise, you should try other listing websites because doesn’t rank as well globally compared to its ranking within the country.


                Selling on facebook can be done in a number of ways. You can sell through status updates or sharing pictures of your merchandise to your friends, you can promote an item by using paid ads, or you can use facebook groups that cater to buyers and sellers to your area.

                In my own experience using the third option is the best choice because members of these kinds of groups are buyer/seller minded. They know the culture of online buyers and sellers and they are prepared with the risks that come with online purchases.

                If you post your stuff on facebook though, your posting will only be visible to facebook users who subscribe to you or the group you post on. In addition to this, your posting will not be available on search results because facebook updates are considered private.

                Selling on facebook is best used it you want to sell to people who are from the same city or town as you because those are the people that will see your post. In our group for instance, we prefer meet ups to remove the hassle and extra fees of shipping.

                Ebay is really big internationally but they don’t get as much attention in the Philippine setting. Even though pretty much learned from them in how to structure the listings and the feedback system, ebay just don’t have as much knowledge of the Filipino shopping culture as their local counterparts.

                Their local ranking in Philippines searches isn’t as good as sulit’s but they have their own advantages if you want to join them. is stricter in implementing their posting policies so there will be less clutter in the stream of ad listings. You have the option to sell it in a fixed price or you can sell it in an auction format which opens your items to a different set of audience per format.

                Despite their perpetual second place status in the Philippines, there are still a lot of Pinoy ebay powersellers. The popular products sold here are ebooks, antiques, paintings and other art products, second hand electronic products, and apparels and cosmetics.

                Because of ebay’s international presence, you can advertise your products outside of the Philippines if you can cover the shipping and the listing fee and still make a profit. Their feedback system makes buyers and sellers behave better towards one another when making a deal.

                The number one advantage of ebay compared to other online selling websites is the lower number of competition in sellers. If you have items that are not very popular locally but you think will sell big outside the Philippines, then you should choose ebay.

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