Who Else Wants to Sell Online? What to Sell for Filipinos

By +Chris Benedict Valencia 

A year ago, I never would’ve considered looking for great deals online and making an online purchase for any electronic product but today I signed up for 3 online shopping websites and requested for new passwords for other online shopping malls, where I lost the passwords of my account, with the hopes of finding great deals in the Philippine online malls. I am looking for any "deal of the day" for laptop accessories and for a CPU which I plan to buy in the summer.

After browsing through the sea of junk in the online malls I visited, I decided to call it a day even though I didn’t find any of the stuff I wanted to buy. I’ll try again later but right now, it’s time to blog about my home shopping experience.

My experience taught me something that I already knew; the internet is full of junk. It’s great that more shops are opening and more small business owners are expanding their reach through online marketing but there are just some things that will not sell online especially in the Philippine online market. For this reason I give you the things you can actually sell online that the Philippine shopping community is comfortable to make deals with online:

Rare and/or used books for sale
I know a lot of people who go bargain hunting online to find books that they cannot find in the local National Bookstore and shopping malls. Technical books are on the top of the list like cheap medical books and criminal law books, but fictions and rare classics also gather attention in online auction, shopping center and classified ads websites. The Philippine online malls like hallohallomall.com, zalora.com and lazada.com still have limited supplies of books so private individuals can still compete in this area.

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Digital products for sale
This is where many Pinoy bloggers are missing out; in sales of their own digital product considering that there are thousands of active Professional Pinoy bloggers.  Digital products include e-books, software and apps, and even webinar recordings and audio recordings. There are many advantages in creating and marketing a product but the overall task of product creation may be a little bit daunting to the average blogger.

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Spare parts for sale
If you own a junk shop, auto repair shop or a computer repair shop (trust me they have something in common), you may have a lot of spare parts that other people may want. Don’t throw away valuable parts because you may have a market online by selling spare parts online for people who bargain hunt. Your trash might save someone’s restoration or repair project and you get paid by helping him or her out. 

Clothing on sale

Have you ever noticed how people flock to a clothing department stores and shopping centers when a big sale is announced. You can never go wrong with putting fashion accessories and clothing for sale online. People want them (especially women), they are easy to transport, and their prices are more or less arbitrary. 

If you want inspiration about what to sell, you can just go to your local SM department store and see what they are selling. The only problem with selling fashionable clothing and accessories is the number of competition you have.

If you have a fashion idea that you think will go viral, have it made and sell it online. Your creation will have international exposure this way. People from other countries like novelty ideas and some won’t mind the shipping fee rates if your products are worth the extra money spent. You can also include the the shipping fee in the price and post for free shipping. This will help in gathering attention but it's only possible for local sales.

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Cosmetics and scents on sale

Only sell originals if you plan to sell cosmetic and scents. They sell easily because they are consumables but if you sell fakes you will get bad feedbacks and will not get many return sales. If you have access to cheap cosmetics that are original, resell them for a profit. Sell your scents and cosmetics online where you can build a following of buyers who will pay you upfront. All you need to do is to beat the local mall prices (they're easy to beat because branded cosmetics are so overpriced) and buyers will see your products as a bargain sale.


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