Wisegeek.com: Writers' Lube for Mental Block

By +Chris Benedict Valencia

I have been writing articles for one specific employer for almost 5 months now and in that time, all types of keywords have been thrown my way.  A lot of the assignments were finished fast because of one particular website and I would like to thank that particular website by reviewing it.

Without further ado, I present to you…

GreedyBen’s Wisegeek.com Review

Wisegeek.com is a very handy tool if you need easy to understand information about everyday questions. They have a collection of bite-size articles about most of the topics that you need to know. This makes them very handy for content writers like me because there are times when I am given keywords that I’ve never heard of before. Almost all of the posts in wisegeek.com are pillar posts or articles that will be as relevant next year as they are relevant today.

The value of their articles doesn’t depreciate as short time passes. They remain relevant pretty much like an encyclopedia.

Now this brings us to its redundancy in function with Wikipedia. Though they are both great sources of information, they are very different in the way their users use them. Wikipedia is, first of all, a wiki website, which means that concerned citizens are the contributors. This is not the case with wisegeek.com where they have resident writers which are mostly US based.

The way of how information is displayed is also an important factor that differentiates wisegeek.com from Wikipedia.org. A Wikipedia content page has an encyclopedia-like layout where the all the information about a topic is included in one page. This can look like a wall of text to a lot of people but wisegeek.com has a different approach.

In a wisegeek.com page, the headers are always in a form of a question. And the information that is included in one page are always connected to the question title. This may seem like how.com but there are also major differences between wisegeek.com and how.com. First of all, the ads in wisegeek.com are all well placed. They are always in the middle of the article and after the body of the article.

Another difference is the way information is stated in wisegeek.com. Wisegeek.com writers have a way of explaining everything that makes it easy to understand even to people oblivious about the topic before they encountered it in wisegeek.com.

As an online writer whose topics are anything under the sun, I am very grateful for wisegeek.com for providing easy to understand information for the topics I am not familiar with. 

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  1. One can appreciate what the internet has giving to the society nowadays, information dissemination is a lot more easier. And, communication has been developed totally that, everything seems possible.

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