Business Website Promotion: The Secrets to Reaching your Target Market

So you built a website for your business. It survived the alpha and the beta stages and you are confident that your current customers and prospect customers will like it. It is well organized and you have tested how easy it is to navigate. What now?

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If your website is ready for the public, make sure that you do enough so that you will reach the people you want to reach. As with any business, your first task is to know who your target market is online. If you are not sure on who your target market are online, just find out who your offline market are and think of a portion of your target market that hangout online.

If you already know who your target market is, it’s time to promote your website to reach your target market.

Organic SEO

            To have a detailed idea of about SEO you should check out Wikipedia.

Many people who need something go to search engines and type in a query. Google has even become a verb because of the search engine’s popularity in daily life. Optimizing your website is not just one task but is a collection of tasks that all lead to having your website on the top of google’s or bing’s search results. 

People who use search engines use keywords to find what they are looking for. And these keywords are used by the search engine to deliver the websites that it thinks the searcher needs.

A large part of site promotion is researching what keywords to use. It must have low competition and it should be searched a lot by people. There are tools that you can use to find out which keywords you can use; some free and some are bought. 

The most popular among the free version is Google Adword Keyword Tool. There are also apps that you can use to know what your competitor businesses are using but to be able to use its maximum potential you must use the paid versions.   

All these tools help you find the right keywords that your customers use to search for what they need. If you know the keywords they use, you should use those keywords often in the content of your website. This will get you targeted traffic from Google and Bing assuming that you website is listed on both search engines.

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The Value of a Business Blog

Having a blog for your business helps your business website in many ways. A blog is basically a website like this one. It has a niche, content is added regularly, and it is an informal way of providing information about the niche. 

One of the advantages of having a blog in your business website is the constant input of information. Search engines love new content and blogs always have new content. You can also increase the use of keywords in these contents increasing the chances of being on top of the list for a certain keyword.

A blog also has a lot of different content types which makes useful to people who are not looking for text. This is the reason why you should have videos and photos in your blog.


Many people like video blogs or vlogs better. They are very useful for how-to’s. if you have this kind of content, you will increase the chances that your website will be seen . You can also use the keywords you researched about on the title and the tags of the video.

Get unique photos

Original, high quality photos and images are valuable for image search features of the search engine. Make sure the your photos have captions, and descriptions to help the searchers find it when they enter a query on the search engine image search.

Social networking websites

This is where may webmasters focus on at the moment. Facebook and twitter are the leading communities that you can use because this is where a lot of people are but you should also consider smaller communities with your targeted traffic. If you provide equipments for restaurants for example, it may be a good idea to join online forums with restaurant owners as the members.
The important part of promotion via social media is that you don’t appear spammy. People will flag your links and it may end up damaging your site’s reputation. You actually need to interact to people in order for them to trust you. If they trust you they will also trust the products and services you offer.
Some of the things that you could do to interact with your audience in social network is sharing interesting content like memes and quotations or asking questions that a lot of people can relate to. This will make your online posts more engaging and therefore improve your post’s visibility in social networking sites.

Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking websites are usually second choice for most online content marketers but for me they are just equally effective in driving traffic to your website if used effectively. Some of the popular social bookmarking websites are, and pinterest. 

The idea of a social bookmarking website is to have all the things you want to remember online stored on a personal online profile. If you think many people will like your blog post, image or video promote them using social bookmarking websites.

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