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Looking for the right job can be frustrating. I know. I’ve been there.

Waiting long lines in government offices to gather all the necessary requirements for the job, and then you realize later that you got hired in a job you hate. When you are already in that situation, you have no choice but to carry on with your present job to avoid hurting your records.

To avoid the same mistakes I did, you should be careful and bring you’re A-game even in the job selection process. You can’t just apply to the next job that seems appealing. You must scrutinize every detail of the career opportunities to know if you are the right person they need and if they are the right company for you.

The same principle applies when you are looking for a job online or offline. One of the most popular classified ads posting websites in the Philippines;, has a job board where job openings can be seen. There are thousands of sulit jobs to choose from with contact numbers to the employers for further questions.

Even in this controlled setting however, the need to be careful in choosing a job is at its peak. To avoid choosing the wrong jobs, here are the aspects you need to check:

How to choose the right Job in

Have a copy of a resume by your side

If you are about to browse for a sulit job, you should have two copies of your resume; one hard and one soft copy. The hard copy is for taking down notes on where you need to add information to your resume. The soft copy is for those employers that require a copy of your resume as soon as possible.

Stick with the job you want

When browsing for a job in, you will notice that there are many legitimate jobs and there are also a lot of spam posts for Multilevel Marketing Schemes, and click-to-pay income opportunities. These are not real jobs. Because of all the distractions, you should already have a clear picture of the job description you want. You will not find a job that will exactly fit your dream job but you will increase your chances of finding the next best thing if you know what to aim for.

Don’t settle for significantly lesser positions

I’ve heard from a Department of Labor employee once that job seekers should not be choosy when looking for a job. That’s easy for them to say because it’s not their time and years of service that they are sacrificing. If you are a nurse by profession, look for a job that fits your career choice. Otherwise, you will be working for hours without contributing to your career development.

Use the search box

To find the right jobs, enter your profession in the query box in the jobs section. You could include words like job, career, or employment together with your profession to narrow down the search result.

Don’t be blinded by the inviting keywords

When your search result comes, scan the results for the jobs you want. Remember that the people who post on are professionals (some of them anyway) in copywriting titles that will catch their target audience’s attention. If you are a structural or civil engineer for example, an ad title stating “Urgent Hiring: One More Civil Engineer Needed for Canada” may be very tempting to apply to but don’t be hasty. Great employment opportunities don’t just take the next applicant; they screen for the best.

Check the Description

Before you can check the job description, you still need to separate the real jobs hiring ads from the spam. The presence of the picture is one way to know. The ad must at least have a company picture to make it credible. The title is another factor to consider. If the title the ad is for work abroad, it is more likely that the job hiring ad was posted by a recruiter for a manpower agency. Very few employers abroad know about
When you do find the title that you like, it’s time to check the job description. 

The description that you want to see should:
  • Be concise and straight to the point

            Spam posts are usually filled with unnecessary keywords for keyword density for SEO purposes.

  • Have all the necessary details

            Job title with detailed job description, salary, qualifications, a link to their company website( Not a recruitment website), and most importantly contact information and instructions on how to apply

            E-mails are not a good sign especially if the email address is personal and it is from a free email service like yahoo or gmail. Telephone numbers are great but check first if they work. The most important factor to look for is the address of their office. See if you can go there and ask about their job openings.
  • It must be dated recently

            Spams are usually dated for long periods of posting. Real jobs get filled up easily so they are deleted once they are no longer needed.

The Publisher's feedbacks

If all the parts of the ad suggests that the company seems legit, you should check the next and most important part of the sulit job listing; the ad publisher’s feedback. Scammers usually get low feedbacks.

If you are satisfied with the ad’s and the ad publisher’s integrity, you can now contact the employer or follow the instructions for application if there is one.


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