What to Include in your Small Business Blog?

A business blog is your small or medium enterprise’s representative online. We’ve learned in 2012 that relying on other people’s community like facebook for your business marketing is not entirely secure for your business.  That’s why all your content should have a headquarters on a piece of cyberspace that you control.
If you already have a business blog, check if its contents are really beneficial for your business.

Business Photos and other images

Your chances of winning the search war are increased if you have more photos in your blog. Your blog will have a lot of competition when it comes to text queries but the number of competition is significantly decreased in image searches. Make it a habit to have at least one photo on every blog post.
Make sure however that your photos are related to your business. If you sell cupcakes for example have as many cupcake photos, computer generated images and illustrations in your blog. This will increase the chances of receiving targeted traffic.
Other types of photos that you could include are updates about your establishment’s activities. If your business organized a medical outreach program recently, place the documentations on your website and blog. The types of events that you place there depend on the type of image or reputation you want your business establishment to have on your readers and your community.

Your Blog's about page

Tell the people what your small business is about by providing an about page. Make the tone of writing appropriate for your business. If you want your business to be viewed as a fun and bright place, you can make your about page more humorous. If you like to attract no-nonsense type of readers, make your about page sound professional.
Your about page is very important because this is where people will go if they want to know more about your bloggers, your website, your blogs and your business. This page gives you a chance to throw a business pitch to your readers.

The bloggers’ profiles

Your blogger or bloggers should have a profile linked to your blog. It is their writings and other contents that interact with your viewers. The type of bloggers you have for your small or medium enterprise will say a lot about your business. Having a part of your blog dedicated to building your bloggers’ reputation will also give credibility to your business especially to the people who don’t know much about your business yet.

How to videos and articles

Providing learning resources is a great way to find traffic and the more useful your learning resources are, the higher the chances that you will have audience engagement. How-to videos and articles will be helpful to your audience and it will make your website memorable to them.

The How-to articles and videos must be related to your industry to generate targeted traffic. If you have a bakery for example, you can teach people how to bake some basic pastries.

Frequent posts

Updates on your blog must be frequent. IT doesn’t have to be daily but it should be at least twice a week. This will help you improve your rankings all over the world and it will also be good for you SEO. Think of your posts as free ads that online customers can search. It should be properly optimized for the popular search engines to be found by your audience.

Contact information

This should include all the contact information that your business has. It could be placed in your about page. Some people limit their contact information to emails but you should also include your local phone number because many local customers may want to look for your phone number online through their mobile devices.

Call to action page

This is where your best sales pitch should be. Your call to action page will depend on your business blog’s objectives. Some of the common objectives that need a call to action page are increasing the numbers of subscribers and increasing the number of sales.
It may take some time before your website can actually convince people to take action. Just like in every aspect of blogging for business, rushing its success may affect the quality of the results.

Your very own domain name

A domain name that can be connected to your business should be included in your blog. You may not have the freedom to get exactly the domain name you want because most of the short abbreviations and catchy phrases have already been taken. There are ways however to make your domain name closer to your business name.


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