The SEO Effects of Posting 1 article for 60 days

By +Chris Benedict Valencia 
In my attempt to post 1 article per day for 100 consecutive days to increase online visibility, I fell short and had to stop at the 60th article because of some more important matters in school and at work. In my blogging hiatus, I rarely thought of my blog because of my busy schedule. The next opportunity I had to open my Google analytics account at around mid April, I was surprised at what I saw. The numbers began to rise consistently from my last post on February 8. As expected, the days that followed February 8 had a decrease in visitors but in the days that followed, the numbers began to grow. Here is a diagram to summarize the visits by month:

The stats may not look much but I was ecstatic to see a steady growth of traffic. Because most of my traffic came from the Google search results, my best guess to explain the traffic increase is that at the time when I left, most of the pages with newer content were not indexed yet. I never submit web pages individually because in my opinion, submitting your website URL was enough to increase traffic through search engine indexing. The consistent flow of traffic may have followed after the pages have been crawled and indexed. It just goes to show how powerful the number of content is in SEO. In my observation, there are a number of fortunate events that led to the increase of website traffic and a bit of increase in profits. These are the things that I fortunately accomplished before going to hiatus:
  1.             Posted a lot of articles
  2.     Made some keyword research in those articles for search engine optimization purposes
  3.             Submit site details to Google and Bing to be indexed
  4. 4.   Placed ads from the GoDaddy affiliate program

All these ultimately increased search engine visibility in my selected keywords, brought the right people to my blog and the last one increased my income. Even without any help from the social networking websites the contents and the keywords in them were able to drive site traffic and maintain  the traffic flow for two months and counting. I never thought that posting a lot of content could be so effective in search engine marketing.


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