Domain Name Registration: Why You should have a Great Domain Name

Imagine owning a website that thousands of people use every day. Imagine how irritating it would be for users if that website has a bad name. The domain name is the name of the website that we remember. Some well known examples of domain names are “” and “”.

Without a domain name, a website will be represented by a bunch of numbers and dots on the URL bar. Imagine how difficult it will be for your website visitors to memorize a bunch of numbers. They will probably forget about your website or not bother to memorize the numbers at all.

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If we think of your website as your business establishment online, then the domain name is your address. It’s logical to think that you will get more business if your website has a memorable address. This is what you want for your domain name; a name that sticks for all the good reasons.

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Here are some reasons why you should take your time when selecting the best domain names for your business:

The domain name will be your online brand

People treat domain names the same way they treat brand names. For them the domain name represents a person or a company. Some domain names have become a part of the lives of people who use them. Google for example, is used as a verb for searching something online. The domain name is really important but if you want to make a brand with it, it’s all about how the identity of your website is related to the name.

It gives your website and business credibility

The domain name also gives your website credibility. Online credibility cannot be achieved overnight. If you want your business or blog to become trustworthy, you must put in the work. As you begin to build credibility, your domain name will become more popular. People will associate the good reputation your website has to your domain name. If that happens for your website, you will have word-of-mouth marketing working for you.

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It can tell your customers about your business

Your domain name can tell a lot about your website. My domain name for example;, may suggest that it’s Ben’s quest to succeed in online businesses. The word “greedy” may work against the website because it’s negative but I like it because it’s catchy. Of course I had other ideas before deciding to take the name but all the other short names were already taken.

It can help your SEO efforts

Doing SEO is challenging because it is a very dynamic industry. In SEO, you are trying to rank high in search engine results by playing by the rules of the search engine algorithms and the psychology of the people who are using the internet. Your domain name helps in both of these factors. If people search your domain name in the search box instead of the URL box, is your website on the top of the search result list? It should be, but that is not always the case.

It may increase your click through rate

If your website shows up in the search engine results, one of the factors that will make visitors click on it will be your domain name. If you don’t have a trustworthy domain name, they may choose other domain names to click on.  

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Those are the reasons why you should really take your time when picking a go daddy domain name. Leave a comment about how your domain name has helped you achieve your business goals or how it did the opposite.



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