Lifelong Motivation: Finding Your Passion Makes a Difference

By +Chris Benedict Valencia 

Let’s step back from internet marketing for a bit to think of what really keeps us going. In the Philippines, doing SEO, blogging, and internet marketing are considered a part of the informal sector. This has many upsides and downsides but one of the major effects of this paradigm is the lack of structured information sources for these skills. Other types of possible sources of income and career opportunities that are not in the educational system also suffer the same dilemma.


Generally, in Philippine society, an interest that can’t give you a job is not 
worth pursuing. These interests will not lead you to a 9-5 job. People focus on these jobs to become a functioning member of society and to feed their families. But because most jobs in the Philippines don't pay well enough, Filipino experts in various fields go to other countries to find jobs that do. 

The education system and the people around us partly have roles to play in this kind of mindset.

Here’s an RSA short video that illustrates how we could have a change from this mindset: 

We at, hope that most Filipinos will find their passion to do what they're good at and not limit themselves on what is profitable and mainstream.

Find your Passion, it makes a difference


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